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CHNG News is a breaking news network devoted to highlighting leading thinkers and journalists who chronicle stories of social and cultural impact. The network is comprised of 100 individual city feeds covering the top cities in the US, each displaying news of social impact on the website, Twitter, Facebook and other social media. The mission of CHNG News is to provide local news consumers with a comprehensive series of breaking articles on social impact related to their locale or community.
News consumers normally discover and follow news of social impact from national publishers like Mother Jones or Ashoka. Finding the same caliber of news at the local level is a hurdle because the traditional local media report on an entrenched menu of crime, car crashes, weather and sports. CHNG News syndicates both the most influential independent news publishers and the non-traditional media – the local bloggers, indie news publishers, nonprofits, civic groups, academics, enterprises who can analyze, dissect and expose local news and events of social impact with an authority and sensibility complementary to traditional media.

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